Every second counts

Every second counts


CPR and First Aid Courses

During my career as a Trauma and Emergency Flight Sister, I realised if I really wanted to have an impact on the community, I needed to educate the people who I was treating, the very people who desperately needed help, but I couldn't get to before it was too late. I started Survival CPR twenty years ago and we now have a team of instructors teaching CPR and First Aid Courses to the public. Our Courses will give you the skills and confidence to know what to do if faced with a medical emergency.


Survival CPR’s Instructors are highly experienced and qualified ICU and trauma sisters with many years of knowledge to share.


Our First Aid and CPR courses are certified and endorsed by the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and the American Heart Association. 

Courses for Parents and Childminders

Our Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Courses help parents and caregivers, just like you, feel confident, educated and empowered to act in a First Aid emergency with their little one. Our Courses are developed with one vital mission in mind, to help parents and caregivers navigate their journey with confidence.

Baby and Child CPR & First Aid Course

Our Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course is tailor-made for new and expectant parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone who has the responsibility of looking...
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Nanny and childminder CPR & First Aid Course

As a parent, it is important that the person looking after your child has the skills to handle an emergency at home. If you have...
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Family First Aid Kit

Life is for adventures and wherever you and your family go to explore, ensuring you have one of our Family First Aid Kits on hand, will put your mind at ease!

Our kit has all the contents you will require for most medical emergencies. If you do not have an emergency kit, now is the time to purchase one! View the contents and cost of the kit here.