Every second counts

Every second counts


CPR, First Aid and Caregiver Courses

Join Survival CPR for our immersive, hands-on CPR, First Aid and Caregiver Courses. Our expert instructors will facilitate an engaging learning environment where you can ask questions and give you the confidence to start your career as a Caregiver. Our CPR and First Aid Courses will give you the skills and knowledge to know what to do if faced with a medical emergency.


The Survival CPR instructors are highly trained and qualified ICU and Trauma Sisters, who have a vast medical knowledge in emergency situations to share with our course participants. With over twenty years of experience, we...


In an emergency, literally every second counts. Most of us just keep our fingers crossed that accidents won’t happen to us, or that if the worst happens, there will be a doctor or other medically...

Caregiver Courses

Our comprehensive Caregiver Course will teach you the skills required to look after patients and individuals needing care such as; babies, the elderly, alzheimer/dementia patients, the terminally ill, paralysed patients, stroke survivors and so much more. You will need to complete a certified Caregiver Course before you can apply to work as a Caregiver. We offer a comprehensive and interactive Caregiver Course with practical and theoretical lessons, taught by one of experienced Sisters. The Course consists of 9 Modules, run once a week for a full day over a period of 9 consecutive weeks.

Caregiver Course

A Caregiver is someone who provides assistance to another person who cannot live a fully independent life, due to a physical, psychological, or mental disability....
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Join Survival CPR for an immersive, hands-on Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course at our group courses. ​Our expert instructors will guide you through the most common child First Aid topics parents are likely to face. Alternatively, you can purchase our Online Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course and learn vital First Aid skills in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Feel confident and ready for a first aid emergency in under 2.5 hours!

Baby and Child CPR & First Aid Course

Our Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course is tailor-made for new and expectant parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone who has the responsibility of looking after babies and children. This vital course will teach a parent...
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Online Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course

Learn Baby and Child CPR and First Aid from your device at home and from anywhere in the world! Our online Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course is tailor-made for new and expectant parents,...
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Nanny and childminder CPR & First Aid Course

As a parent, it is important that the person looking after your child has the skills to handle an emergency at home. If you have a nanny or childminder who cares for your child whilst...
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