Seatbelts during pregnancy

Pregnant moms often ask us “Should I wear a seatbelt when I’m pregnant?”

?Absolutely! It’s dangerous for you and your baby not to!

?You must wear a lap strap that fits snugly under your tummy and low and snug on your hip bones

?Never wear the lap strap across your tummy, this can hurt your baby in an accident.

?Always wear the shoulder belt too! If it feels uncomfortable reposition your seat. Don’t place the shoulder belt under your arm.

?Do not turn off airbags!! If you are not protected in an accident , your baby certainly is not!

?Adjust the front seat as far as possible away from the steering wheel and dashboard but still allowing you to reach the pedals safely! This will Aid the airbag to deploy more towards your chest than your tummy.

?Seatbelt positioning devices must be thoroughly researched before using, as many do not have safety standards and can actually compromise you in an Accident.

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