Very interesting story this! You would never think a Shongalolo was poisonous!
Amazing that the family called the Poison Centre and got help!
I myself contacted the poison Centre when we were on holiday and a 4 year old drank poison from an energy drink bottle assuming it was juice. The cleaning substances had been decanted into these bottles for ease of use ( a common thing we see in homes ) and had been left outside the chalet by the lady cleaning the room. The child just back from the beach ; hot and thirsty thought he was in luck! Sadly, quite the opposite and was in severe pain and distress as his mouth and throat burnt.
The poison Centre was unbelievably helpful and we managed the situation well and had a good outcome for this child thanks to them!
Put this no in your phones POISON CENTRE : 0861555777
Poisons and bites and stings is one of the topics we cover in our Infant and Child CPR and First Aid courses