Accidents happen

Today I was thinking about how hectic it is to be a full time Mom! Total respect to full time Moms!

I have been very privileged to have a wonderful lady helping me with cleaning and laundry in my home, and thank heavens for her, because I don’t know how Mom’s find the time to work and sort out their homes. And while I was thinking about this, I thought how easy it is for those accidents that we see happening, actually happen. We teach this all the time to parents on our courses. I’ve worked in Trauma casualties and  Trauma ICU’s, and I have seen the worst of the worst, where parents were distracted,  just for one second, and a terrible accident happens that is life changing for all. It happens to the best of parents, I promise you this.

But during this time of lockdown , and busy cleaning and doing laundry and cooking and preparing food and then doing it all over again and the one chore blends into the next. It made me realise how easy it is to take your eye off your kids for those 2 seconds, while you dash to take food out the oven or turn off the iron you forgot, or quickly feed those dogs who are now two hours late for dinner , or close the gate you forgot about an hour ago etc etc… And these are the fatal few seconds where we see a child closed in the garage door, drowned in the bath , burnt by the hot pot pulled off the stove,  and so the list goes on. You name it, I’ve seen it and its heart breaking.

I want to share a story with you written by a wonderful, dedicated  Mom, who for a short moment dashed from her kids to move the sprinkler and what followed :

As I said , these accidents happen to the best parents without a doubt. How many times have you said “That was close” or thought “ If I was two seconds slower or faster, my child could’ve been seriously injured”. I know I have! I have also said, angels were watching more than once. It happens!

As vigilant as you are being with handwashing and mask wearing and social distancing, please be as vigilant with watching your little ones and even your bigger ones. It happens so quickly! We are all preoccupied and distracted during this time. We are not doing what we usually do and can so easily take our eyes off those little ones.

Home safety and prevention of accidents is one of the major sections we cover in our Infant and child CPR and first aid courses.

We will be starting again as soon as shut down is over.

Stay safe!