Caregiver Course

Caregiver Course

A Caregiver is someone who provides assistance to another person who cannot live a fully independent life, due to a physical, psychological, or mental disability. Becoming a Caregiver is the means to a fulfilling and empowering career, by making a visible difference in someone’s life. 

Our comprehensive Caregiver Course will teach you the skills required to look after patients and individuals needing care such as; babies, the elderly, alzheimer/dementia patients, the terminally ill, paralysed patients, stroke survivors and so much more. You will need to complete a certified Caregiver Course before you can apply to work as a Caregiver. 

We offer a comprehensive and interactive Caregiver Course with practical and theoretical lessons,  taught by one of experienced Sisters. The Course consists  of 9 Modules, run once a week for a full day over  a period of 9 consecutive weeks. 


 Module 1: This comprehensive introductory module covers all aspects of the roles and responsibilities of a Caregiver, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities as a Caregiver to the patient.
Module 2: You will learn about baby care; from general care, sleep, milestones and stimulation. You will also do practical sessions with a baby mannequin. Home safety is also included as part of this module.
Module 3: We teach you goes all aspects of taking care of the elderly, frail care and senior care including Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Depression

Module 4: In this module you will learn about caring for a person after surgery, including assessing for signs of wound infections and aiding with mobility and wound care.
Module 5: This module entails learning about frail care from bathing to signs and symptoms of various illnesses such as high and low blood pressure, dehydration, diabetic care, food hygiene, medications and companionship.
Module 6: This module covers all aspects palliative care of terminal patients, as well as those living with a serious illness. You will learn about providing a safe caring environment, respectful attentiveness for the patient and family in a comfortable and pain free environment.
Module 7: This module is important as you will learn how to wash a patient, from mouth care, to feeding and assisting a person with mobility issues. This will include class practical examples.
Module 8: This vital module teaches you how to handle an accident and how to handle all First Aid emergencies as well as life saving CPR skills. 
Module 9: You will be doing your theory and practical exams in module 9.

 Each participant must attend all 9 modules to be certified, as well as complete 168 practical hours in a frail care facility. This will be arranged by Survival CPR.
Please note, we do not offer job placement.

The course runs once a week (a full day), for 9x consecutive weeks, taught by one of our instructors.

Each participant receives a full scrubs uniform with their name embroidered on the scrubs top.

Each participant will receive a Survival Caregiver manual per module containing all the course information.

Each participant will receive a Survival CPR and First Aid manual.

Coffee and tea will be served.

Payment in instalments may be arranged upon enquiry and confirmation of booking. These are under strict payment arrangements as per agreement with Survival CPR.

 Each participant will receive a Survival CPR Caregiver Course Certificate upon completion of all 9 modules and 168 practical hours in a frail care facility.
A certificate for the CPR and First Aid module is certified and endorsed by the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and the American Heart Association.

Please note, we do not offer job placement.

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