Caregiver Refresher Course

Caregiver Refresher Course

Caregiver Refresher Course

Our Survival® Caregiver Refresher Course is specifically designed to enhance and update the skills of qualified Caregivers already working within the Caregiving field. This course is not a replacement for our full Survival® Caregiver Course but aims to build upon a Caregiver’s  existing knowledge and to ensure that a Caregiver stays current with the latest Caregiving techniques.

staying current with the latest Caregiving techniques

Continuous Professional Development

At Survival CPR®, we recognize the significance of Continuous Professional Development in the Caregiving industry. As requested by numerous care homes and frail care facilities, we have tailored this course to meet the evolving needs of Caregivers in our community. Our goal is to equip you with the latest insights, knowledge, and skills, enabling you to deliver the highest standard of care to your clients and their families.

What you will Learn

The Caregiver Refresher Course is a comprehensive program facilitated by highly qualified and experienced Nursing Sisters who are experts in the field of Caregiving. Through our interactive and practical demonstrations, we ensure that you gain the practical and relevant knowledge. Investing in your professional development not only benefits you, but also enhances the quality of care provided to your patients. We firmly believe that our Survival® Caregiver Refresher Course will empower you with valuable skills and knowledge, enabling you to excel in your role as a Caregiver.

We are committed to making the learning process convenient for care home facilities. We offer the flexibility of conducting the course at your facility or at various venues where you and your colleagues/staff can join us.

Caregiver Course Content

Join our comprehensive Caregiver Course to gain valuable practical skills, understand your role and responsibilities, and learn how to provide specialized care for elderly patients and those with specific conditions. The course includes rigorous skills testing and evaluations to ensure you are well-prepared to excel in your Caregiving career. 

  • Bed bathing
  • Pressure sore care
  • Safe patient transfer from bed to wheelchair
  • Showering and dressing a patient
  • Assisting with passive exercises
  • Mouth, teeth, and denture care
  • Patient feeding
  • Skin care and hygiene
  • Understanding the Caregiver’s role
  • Ethical responsibilities towards patients and families
  • Practicing empathy, kindness, and respect in Caregiving
  • Palliative care principles
  • Culturally sensitive Caregiving approaches
  • Managing patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Addressing depression in elderly patients
  • Practical aspects of providing care for the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients during bathing and other activities
  • Hands-on skills assessment
  • Written tests to evaluate knowledge
  • Verbal assessments to gauge communication abilities

Course Fee & Booking Details

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Course Fee: R750

Our Caregiver Course is priced at R750 per person. However, we offer flexible pricing options based on the number of Caregivers you enroll. If you send multiple Caregivers, we are open to discussing a reduction in the course fee.

Please feel free to reach out to us to explore the pricing that best suits your needs. We are committed to accommodating your requirements and ensuring a valuable learning experience for all participants.

The course will be run from 08:00 to 16:00 as a one day course.

Please call or WhatsApp us to enquire: 

060 872 6730