From witnessing a lot of trauma in my work to empowering parents

From witnessing a lot of trauma in my work to empowering parents

I want to take you on a journey that led me to become a full-time CPR and first aid instructor and proud business owner of Survival CPR. This story is about passion, empowerment, and making a real difference in the lives of people like you.

A Trauma-Fueled Calling:

Having spent years working in Trauma and ICU, and even serving as a flight sister in medical evacuations across Africa, I’ve witnessed firsthand the critical importance of immediate medical response. It was during these moments that the seeds of a passion were planted in me—a passion to equip individuals like you with the skills to save lives.

A Global Perspective:

Survival CPR was founded by me, Sister Catherine Rodwell in 2001, with a mission to spread lifesaving knowledge across communities. Inspired by my vision and bolstered by my experiences, I’ve taken up the mantle to carry forward this vital work. Our world today is more interconnected than ever, and the ability to provide immediate assistance knows no boundaries.

Empowering the Public:

My transition to full-time CPR and first aid instruction wasn’t just about a career change. It was about turning my experiences into empowerment. Each course we offer at Survival CPR is an opportunity for you to learn basic life support techniques that can turn a bystander into a lifesaver.

Knowledge That Matters:

In the world of emergency response, every second counts. I’ve channeled my trauma background and medical expertise into creating courses that are practical, comprehensive, and easy to understand. We dive deep into CPR techniques, choking relief, first aid basics, and even the usage of AEDs. It’s about giving you the knowledge to act with confidence during emergencies.

For Families, Communities, and Beyond:

I’ve seen how these skills don’t just save lives; they bring families closer and strengthen communities. Our courses are designed to be accessible and engaging, catering to parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone willing to step up and make a difference. By learning these skills, you’re not just a student—you’re becoming a vital link in the chain of survival.

Join the Movement:

Survival CPR isn’t just a business; it’s a movement driven by the desire to see a world where everyone has the ability to respond effectively during emergencies. Through our courses, I hope to empower countless individuals to be the heroes in their families and communities.

So, Why Did I Do It?

I did it because I believe that education is empowerment. I did it because every life is precious and deserves a fighting chance. I did it because I’ve seen the impact that immediate action can have on outcomes. And I’m here, every step of the way, to guide you on this journey towards becoming a confident and capable first responder.

Let’s build a safer world together, one lifesaver at a time.

Stay safe and empowered, Sister Catherine Rodwell

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