Nanny and childminder CPR & First Aid Course

Nanny and childminder CPR & First Aid Course

As a parent, it is important that the person looking after your child has the skills to handle an emergency at home. If you have a nanny or childminder who cares for your child whilst you are at work, you should ensure know that they know how to perform CPR and know First Aid. This course empowers a nanny/childminder how to handle an accident or emergency involving babies and children. The course covers first aid emergencies as well as life saving CPR skills.


Emergency access and home safety.
 Baby, child and adult resuscitation and CPR.
 AED (Automated External Defibrillator), used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.
 Awareness of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
 High temperatures and febrile convulsions.
 Seizures in general.
 Baby, child and adult choking.
 Head injuries, bleeding, dehydration, fractures, shock.
 Anaphylaxis and allergies.
 Drowning, poisons and burns.
 Baby and childhood illnesses and medications.

 A 6x hour practical course taught by our instructors.
The Resus Council and American Heart Association manual.
The Survival CPR manual with course content.
An airway (or one way valve).
Practical demonstrations to practice on the CPR mannequins.
 Discovery members will earn 1000 Discovery miles.
Coffee and tea will be served.

 Certified and endorsed by the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and the American Heart Association.
Survival CPR certificate.
 The certificate is valid for two years.

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