Safe Administration and Storage of Medications in Schools Course

Safe Administration and Storage of Medications in Schools Course

Safe Administration And Storage Of Medications In Schools Course

Our Safe Administration and Storage Of Medications in Schools Course​ is tailor-made for the school setting, educators and affiliated staff. You will also learn how to handle certain emergency situations as well as life saving CPR skills. This course is a must for all schools.

Enroll now to gain a comprehensive understanding of medication safety, equiping yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to promote a secure and healthy school environment.

Be safe in the school environment

Be Prepared

Welcome to our specialized course on the safe administration and storage of medication in schools. Our comprehensive course is designed to equip schools and affiliated staff with the knowledge and skills necessary for maintaining a secure and healthy environment for students. Led by experienced ICU and trauma sisters, our instructors bring a wealth of expertise to ensure a high-quality learning experience.


We include a vital component of the course,  which is a CPR Refresher, this is to prepare for potential outcomes of anaphylaxis, overdose, asthma and associated issues pertaining to drug reactions and/or overdose or mistaken administration.


Course Content and Fees

This course requires a minimum of 7 participants* and can be conducted at your preferred location or one of our designated venues. Sign up now to elevate your expertise in medication safety within school environments and contribute to creating a safer and healthier educational setting.

Course Fee & Certification

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Course Fee: *R750

The Course Fee includes:

  • A 6x hour practical course taught by our instructors at the school venue.
  • The Survival manual with the course content.
  • An airway (or one way valve).
  • Practical demonstrations to practice on the CPR mannequins.


You will receive a certificate for Safe Administration and Storage Of Medications in School.

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