Claire Faccio, 26 November 2018

Just to let you know we attended the CPR course yesterday – the course was most informative, and we really appreciated the comprehensive material, it really is good to have it available as a reference as one cannot remember all the information that is presented!  We found Sr Brenda to be brilliant – we learnt so much from her too!


Thank you for putting together such a good course, course material and first aid kit (which we purchased)!

Liani Austin, 22 September 2018

We had our CPR First Aid course today with SR Ilona. It was absolutely EXCELLENT! As an OT I’ve previously done first aid training which was quite frankly boring zzz, but Survival CPR training today was so awesome. It was a fun day full of laughter attended by nannies, parents and grandparents. The hours flew passed! As they say time flies when you’re having fun… I will always remember what was taught today. SR Ilona has such a talent for “public speaking” and captivated our attention each moment, even with our babies and children interrupting. I will recommend you to everyone! It was worth every cent. THANK YOU!



Roxanne Muller, 25 August 2018

What a fantastic course, thank you Ilona for the informative, interactive day filled with loads of information and usefull tips. We all have more confidence with emergency situations now especially with my little niece, everyone should do this course!!

Lynette Slabbert, 26 May 2018

The course was great.  I am so glad me and my family attended it.  We feel empowered to do CPR now and enjoyed learning more about the first aid aspects.  Sr Ilona was great, really enjoyed her presentation skills.  It is rather a long course but she kept our attention right through.

Keri Wilson, 8 April 2018

We enjoyed every minute of our course with Sister Ilona! She was energetic, knowledgeable and a great instructor.

The course content was relevant and participating in the course has given me peace of mind that my husband and myself will be prepared in an emergency situation

Dr Yvette Andrew Ferreira Botha, 9 April 2018

Thank you for the Training today. We thoroughly enjoyed it and learned quite a few new things. Would advice anyone to do this course

Karen Loader, 25 March 2018

Sr Belinda was amazing! We did the infant CPR course and it was well outlined and really engaging and interactive. I’m really glad we did it and will recommend anyone to do it.

Judy Joubert, 12th March 2018

The course was so informative and so well handled. I learnt so much and was totally impressed by everything. I think it is such a great idea for everybody to do this course, one never knows when you may be required to use what you learnt in the course. Thank you… highly recommend this course.

Samantha Braithwaite, 2 March 2018

What I thought would be a long day turned into a fun and interactive day which flew by! Time flies when you are having fun right? Sr Illona was very informative, entertaining and provided may practical examples yet also emphasized the seriousness of a situation. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and I would highly recommend it to everyone! I wish I had done this course sooner but none the less I am now well equipped with loads of information and life saving techniques. Thank you!

Dominic Duarte, 12th February 2018

Yesterday’s training was awesome an overall great experience and very interactive – explanations of each and every section were thoroughly covered and well explained.

The sessions were not only very informative but times to discuss and emphasis on certain points was made available to ensure clear understanding before moving onto next points.

Awesome Trainer!

Jakes Natasja Kruger, 30 January 2018

Wow, by far one of the most informative courses I’ve attended, to enable yourself to save a life! Thank you, Sr Ilona, for your well entertained course, you were awesome and you made the course fun, yet emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.
I certainly walked out well equipped this course is highly recommended for every parent and any person who is capable to assist another in need.

Vanessa Beare Solomon, 29 January 2018

What an incredible experience! I was fortunate enough to attend a CPR Course with Sr Ilona and just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the invaluable information as well as giving me the confidence to take charge should the situation require (I hope I never need to). To all my friends and family out there that have not yet done a CPR course… Survival CPR is the way to go! Give them a call. It was just amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Georgina Alais-Peska, 22 January 2018

Such a great informative and essential course! Highly recommended for everyone! Sr Ilona was amazing and can’t recommend her more!

Carli Stander 20 January 2018

Excellent course! Thank you to Sr Ilona for a very informative day – she really is a great instructor and provided endless practical examples. We learnt and were made aware of so much in order to best look after our baby girl as well as any other loved ones – big & small!


Ashleigh Bronkhorst 12 December 2017

Thank you Sr Ilona for such a fun day! Excellent CPR course jam packed with information. You have given us so much to think about with regards to safety at home as well as given us the confidence to deal with choking/first aid/CPR.

Highly recommended!

Ana Odendaal, 10 December 2017

Sister Ilona was absolutely amazing today – Thank you so much!!!

Jerome Govender, 19 December 2017

The course was, instructively effortlessly accommodating, well planned an easily understandable. The sister was exceptional! She was energetic, well-mannered and kept the attendees interested and engaged throughout. Well done!

Andrew Parrington 9 October 2017

Thank you Sr Ilona, for an amazing CPR Survival course. Great course and something I would highly recommend to anyone. Learnt a lot, and feel much more comfortable if the situation was ever to arise.

Justin Van Der Biggelaar, 9 May 2017

Thank you Survival CPR and especially SR Belinda for such a wonderful course.
Being able to enjoy the course in the comfort of our own home really was incredible. Thank you for taking the time to answer our millions of questions and sharing all your knowledge with us.. highly recommend this course to everyone.. was fun and informative..

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