Sr Catherine Rodwell Owner

Sr Catherine Rodwell is a qualified nursing sister including the following areas of speciality:

  • Midwifery
  • Community
  • Psychiatry
  • General

Her work experience includes, inter alia, the following:

  • Trauma
    • Johannesburg General Hospital casualty
    • Sunninghill Hospital casualty
    • Europassist medical air rescue
    • Netair medical air rescue
    • Road accident medical assistance
  • ICU
    • Sunninghill Hospital trauma ICU
    • Sunninghill Hospital paediatric cardio thoracic ICU (Walter Sisulu unit)
    • Sunninghill Hospital neo-natal ICU

During the above work experience she witnessed many tragedies, some fatal, which could easily have been avoided had the 1st person on scene known what to do. With this in mind, Catherine started Survival with the intention of training the public what to do in an emergency. 17 years later, the business has many success stories to relate. Catherine is truly passionate about her training, she has witnessed the results.

Sr Ilona Glanvill

My name is Sr Ilona Glanvill I’m very privileged to be part of this dynamic group of well trained medical professionals at Survival CPR .

I qualified as a Nursing Sister  and then went onto specialise in ICU  in 2007. I  first spent some time in the adult ICU’s before moving my focus to the little ones in the pediatric ICU at Netcare Unitas hospital.

I’m blessed with two healthy children; a 4 year old boy named Owen and a 6 year old girl named Emma-Ray.

To round-off the family; my husband is an emergency room doctor named Rowan; and we also have a Jack Russel named Pilot.

Its very rewarding working with children but even more rewarding being able to empower people with the necessary skills to be able too help others.
Looking forward to meeting you at the next course.

Sr Belinda Yumi Lo

Sr Belinda Yumi Lo is a Neonatal ICU sister who has her BCur degree from Stellenbosch University.

I have worked in Peads ICU, Neonatal ICU as well as casualty. I love working with babies as they are amazingly resilient and getting to see them grow up is a real privilege.

My son is nearly 3 years old and I am  very aware of the importance of being able to do CPR and first aid especially on babies and children.

I have been with  Survival CPR for over two years and really get satisfaction from being able to share  knowledge and increase awareness in our communities.

I really enjoy teaching CPR and love the interaction!

Sr Brenda Mokoena

My Name is Brenda  Mokoena. I started  at Olive dale hospital where I did my training to qualify as a Nursing Sister .

I presently work at Sunninghill Hospital in the Trauma Unit. I experience and manage emergencies on a daily basis at work.

I love teaching very much as I feel that I have a lot to give and enjoy spending time with parents and sharing my knowledge and experience

I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter and love being a mom!


Sr Renee van Zyl

My name is Reneé van Zyl, I am very excited to be part of the Survival CPR team, to share my knowledge and to meet new people at every class. I completed my B.Soc.SC Nursing Degree (Community, Psychiatry, Midwifery) in 2007 and Masters Degree in Critical Care in 2010 at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. I worked for Life HealthCare in a Multi (Surgical, Trauma and Medical) adult ICU and then as a Clinical Training Specialist facilitating ICU staff and Post-Basic ICU students. In 2016 I completed my Education Diploma at the University of Stellenbosch. Currently I am working in the Neonatal ICU and enjoy it very much.

Sr Lisa Els-Claassen

Lisa trained and qualified as a Registered Nursing Sister in 2001 at The South African Military Health Services – 1 Military Hospital.

Since then she specialized in Obstetrics and has worked with neonates across the world including United Kingdom, United States and South Africa.

Lisa is blessed with a gorgeous little girl of her own and loves being a mom.

Lisa is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge and experiences.

The importance of knowing CPR and First Aid, especially with infants and children, is crucial, therefore we equip our attendees with the necessary information and tools on what to do in an emergency situation.

Sr Chantelle

I am Chantelle Slabbert. I was registered as a General Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse, Community Nurse and Midwife in 2001, and have since completed my BCur Degree in Advanced Midwifery, Nursing Education and Nursing Management.
My passion is midwifery and I have worked in several private hospitals, first as a midwife, then as a unit manager in the Maternity Ward and since 2014 as a Clinical Facilitator.
As a passionate midwife I am especially concerned with the safety of babies and children, and I am very excited to be teaching CPR and First Aid as part of the Survival CPR team.

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